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PH P53
Hello folks, new members first post here. I'm retired, from the Durham area and intending to join the Cumbria branch in the near future.
I recently bought a PH P53 and have been shooting it with both Lee and RCBS Minie bullets. My latest acquisition is the NOE 566 Pritchett mould with which I shall be attempting to load the paper cartridges. Should be an  interesting experience.  Smile

Hello Joe!
Hi Adam.
Have fun with the Enfield, they're nice rifles to shoot but can need a little patience developing an accurate load for them.

Managing the Enfield on my web site may assist.


Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
Thanks David, I have your website in my favourites and I'm a frequent visitor/reader.
hi joe do you have a photo of your ph p53
Hi Joe, welcome to one of the best things you've done in a long time !

Post up a picture of your PH if you have time and let us know how you get on...Are you proposing to use it at 50m, 100m or further?

All the best Jon
MLAGB Website Administrator

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