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Samuel Nock Rifle
I have a S Nock percussion rifle (nice) with a flat surface on the standing breech with a 1/4 inch hole and hole for side locking screw - the obvious though is some kind of peep sight but the sight line of the foresight is only 1/8 inch above the surface.  I'd like to make a replacement but don't have any idea what it was like - see for more details and photos of the gun.   I guess it was a game rifle from the engraving, but I'm not 100% certain.  Any suggestions would be welcome.  Anyone have a dated list of his serial numbers?  Thanks
Have restored serveral Samuel Nocks shotguns [See the thread in the Shotgun Section}but not rifles ,I would say that the hole on the standing breech is for a peep sight.To me restoration must not be taken too far a gun which is almost 180 years old should look its age not something that looks it has just of the gunmakers shelf.
Couldn't agree more - but what did the peep sight look like!  I want to make one to shoot as it was originally, not to fake it.
My repairs to this rifle are to stop it falling apart, and to reverse some rather unsightly previous 'restoration' work.
I would agree that there are far too many antiques out there that look ridiculously over restored.  You'll see on my blog that I'm on the conservative side, and mainly concerned with restoring functionality.  Where I do serious reconstructions or wrecks they are always named and dated!  See my previous articles in BP. for where I stand on this issue.
[Image: Daves%20retirement%20007_1.jpg]
Could it be something like this.
Have a look at the header image on the MLAGB facebook page. It shows an original flintlock rifle by Fenton with an aperture rear sight.

Rex Holbrook used to make a copy of this sight. I had one on a Pedersoli flintlock I used to own.

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