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Christmas Blunderbuss
Merry Christmas to all; I thought I'd post a photo of my Blunderbuss for no better reason that I thought some of you might like to have a look! ;D[Image: DSCF6914_zpsr4abdc80.jpg]
Excellent idea, Christmassy blunderbusses  :o

[Image: bb1.jpg]
Very nice to you both and to all members have a good xmas and a happy new year , always keep your powder dry.
Has anyone else noticed how a blunderbuss always makes people smile.
Quote:Has anyone else noticed how a blunderbuss always makes people smile.
What I have noticed they can kick like a mule .
PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE - Do not ever Shoot BRASS BARRELED BLUNDER BUSSES or PISTOLS. Brass ages into a Chrystalign Structure as ALFA brass.LARGE Chunks with no bond which can stand no very little separation pressure'BOOM-- FRAGMENTACION GRENADE..
Happy Chrumblemas and a Goodbox for the New Year.That means Cannons too unless they are TRUE BRONZE..
I think someone needs a blunderbuss  :-?
Thank you Robin. I do NOT need a Brass Barrelled BLUNDERBUS.. I have worked with Copper / Zinc alloys all my working life and know what happens with aging. Most barrel would have been cast on the cheap from say 62/38% copper zinc. Good ones may be  70/30 % copper zinc. Best ones 70/20 with 10% tin ( This is getting near to BRONZE).If you can tell by looking O.K. but I would go to the nearest Brass founder and ask him to anneal your barrel at low temperature for a good period..  OLD DOG --(New Hip--py)
It has been proofed :'(

[Image: bb2.jpg]
Dear Robin, Those proof marks are Victorian..Please send your barrel either to London or Birmingham houses before you continue to shoot tit.. OLD DOG.

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