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Christmas Blunderbuss
Victoria didn't accede to the throne until 1837. I think this is much more likely to be a George, unless you know who TR is???  Wink
Dear Robin, Let us stop this stupidity. .Low grade Brass when Cast is in the ALFA state, LARGE CHRYSALS.It only becomes BETA BRASS after heavy working,such as forging or drawing (to form wire.REMEMBER I AM A CHAIN MAKER )BRASS Gun barrels were rarely forged and remained ALFA BRASS..FRAGMENTATION GRENADEDS When they had aged for a Couple of hundred years ..I only work with the stuff-- Start asking the metalegist..???
                           Enough is enough. HAPPAY NEW YEAR TO ALL OUR READERS..OLD DOG..      
Dear Old Dog,
I defer to you because it seems important to you but is of no consequence to me.
Please have the last word, I will not speak again on this Christmas blunderbuss subject line.
Happy new year
Robin  Smile
Probably  — The barrel is by Thomas Reynolds, free of Gunmakers Co., by patrimony. Took Livery 1797. Elected Assistant 1798, Master 1801, 1813, 1831. Gunmaker 18 Little Prescott St., 1790-1817. died 1845.
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
This post, and the time of year remind me of a fellow shooter (now long gone, sadly) who owned a brass barrelled blunderbuss, every new years eve without fail he took it to his local pub which was also our club headquarters, and fired it loaded with a small charge of black powder and a great handful of confetti!  Without a doubt this was the best party-popper you ever saw.  I'm sure that nowadays this would result in his incarceration and the gun being confiscated along with his licence.  Strange times we live in....
Another Christmas brings another blunderbuss needing a date. This one is by Jones and Son of Wrexham Big Grin

[Image: Jones.jpg]

Camera seems to think it has to do it in sepia because it's old. I will not be taking a selfie because I would rather not know...
(25-12-2016, 10:59 PM)bowchaser36 Wrote: Has anyone else noticed how a blunderbuss always makes people smile.

I don't think that was the original intention!!
They are getting expensive, I had to buy one quick while I still could Blush

[Image: Jones2.jpg]

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