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Presentation and My Pedersoli Gibbs .45 six shots at 100 meters
Greetings to all, after you understand how the board works i introduce myself.
I am 20 years old shot with rifles and pistols, tired of modern weapons are entered into the world of sooty muzzle loading.
These are some beautiful shots made with my Gibbs.
[Image: dlrx4i.jpg]

Load my Pedersoli Gibbs with a long ball by mouds Pedersoli from 535 grains pure lead, lubricated with 50% beeswax and 50% paraffin, 60 grains of black powder Swiss No. 3, a 9x21 cartridge case of durum wheat flour and vegetable wads.

Another recharge my Pedersoli Gibbs, five shots with conical bullet 535 grains, lubricated with 30% beeswax and 70% of margarine, 60 grains of black powder Swiss No. 3 and wad done with cardboard coasters for beer between powder and bullet.
[Image: 281born.jpg]
Finally came the new mold of the firm Brooks , here is the comparison of Brooks and Pedersoli mold with their bullets.
The top punches is fantastic, fits perfectly on the nose of the bullet.
[Image: q-01_zps74185e09.jpg]

[Image: q-02_zps806ab1bd.jpg]

[Image: q-03_zpscb58bb1e.jpg]

[Image: q-04_zps0d95e889.jpg]

[Image: q-05_zps7b27d012.jpg]

[Image: q-06_zps9c77f082.jpg]
Ciao and welcome.
This is a small world... 8-)
Half of the projectiles you sent me were put to a good use in an army firing range in Italy. No targets, we were shooting at gongs... They sound well, and.... kicks!

andrea (also on NRAI)
Salt....I have an almost identical mold from Brooks [535 grain postell style].  I started off using the Pedersoli bullet in my Gibbs but it just didn't have the accuracy I expected. Brooks molds are expensive but you get what you pay for. I'm very satisfied with the quality and the improvement in accuracy. Start shooting at 200+ meters. That's what your Pedersoli was made for! cheers  Paul
Hello Andrea, the world is just small!
Subscribe with balls on the results that I have given on this forum or on the NRAI, as you prefer.
Best wishes also to Paul who gave me many tips on muzzleloadingforum, I'm still experiencing new bullets with the doses and alloys that you suggested, but the shots go for a walk around the target.
For the moment, the best results I got them with 60 grains of Swiss n. 3 (2F), if you increase the dose shots widen.
I'm trying also patched bullets from 550 grains n pure lead, I hope goes well.
is it true that a man if you want to complicate your life has two options ... to have a woman or a black powder shoot  Big Grin
Saltner....What alloy did you end up using? Have you tried Swiss 1 1/2 powder yet?  With or without wads? On my Gibbs, the more powder I fed it, the better it shot. Most of the mid-long range M/L shooters I shoot with use 90 grains or more to get top accuracy. Of course, recoil becomes a factor you must learn to deal with.  cheers   Paul
Dear Paul, i tried everything.
Both Swiss 2F and F 1.5, but will try again, i cast alloy 1:30 and 1: 20 and tested with doses of 85-90 grains of 1.5F, but nothing to do.
Saturday i throughout the day to experiment, try progressively with doses of 1.5F 70-75-80-85-100 always with pure lead bullets, 1:30 and 1:20 and also patched bullets from 550 in pure lead.
I usually use the wads of cardboard or vegetable, or a cotton swab, but i have not noticed any significant differences, it annoys me not to use the wads because cleaning the barrel sometimes becomes clogged the nipple.

I wish you good shot Big Grin
Just a thought,

How well does the Brooks bullet fit the bore of your rifle?  Are you about .001 under bore size.   It's hard to be sure, but the Pedersoli bullets seems to have a much longer bearing surface than the Brooks bullets. 

Some pictures of the bullet strikes on the target with some close-ups of the bullet holes might be useful in trying to understand what is happening.

I had Brooks make my M/L postell .450 diameter. It is a perfect fit in my Gibbs. [Measure your bore diameter!] I thumb start the bullet and it slides down the rest of the way under the weight of the ramrod alone. 20:1 alloy, alox lube, no wad, 90 grains of Swiss 1 1/2, RWS mag cap. Cleaned well between shots.  Shoots good.  Cheers  Paul
10 shots with my pedersoli gibbs 110 yards
552 new postell  pure lead casting  with brooks mold, resizing .450
lube 40% beeswax, 40% paraffin, 20% vaseline
70 gn. swiss n° 3, no wads

[Image: 260yc13.jpg]

six more shots with the same formula
[Image: 1rwume.jpg]

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