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Presentation and My Pedersoli Gibbs .45 six shots at 100 meters
Good shooting! 200 meters next. Then mid-range. Then long range. As we say over here in the U.S......."it's time to start running with the big dogs".  cheers  Paul
Surely i will try to shoot 220 and 550 yards, including a month of starting shooting competitions and i am curious to see what happens. Big Grin
Competing with your fellow shooters is a lot of fun. Good times. I have shared many a campfire with my shooting buddies after a match. Fond memories. Good luck and let us know how you do!  cheers  Paul
Another nice result with my Gibbs, shame about the flyer.
[Image: 1z6a32c.jpg]
I tried three times in the same position without filler 100 meters and these are the results

six shots
[Image: 2z9i5gn.jpg]

eight shots
[Image: r73fkj.jpg]

four shots
[Image: 20f5e28.jpg]

I tried to 200 meters, which would be your about 220 yards the first test five hits (two of which are in the same hole) went slightly to the left
[Image: 259kbk9.jpg]

the second time i made [ch8203][ch8203]the center with four shots
[Image: 2pzclt3.jpg]
I am very satisfied, unfortunately in the race gave eight minutes of time and i could not do more.
Always with the spirit of experiments i am made another daring gift bullet mold of custom marketing is like a Miss Universe with fishnet stockings and miniskirt underarm.
This is a bullet mold nose pour molds adjustable to make patched bullets manufactured by KAL Tool & Die - Canada
[Image: akfntc.jpg]
This a good shot
[Image: 20k2gz.jpg]
I'm curious to know how people in that direction patching the bullet. It seems to me that my barrel prefer the patch wrapped so that with the rotation of the projectile, the patch tightens to it.
This is a picture of the web that shows the direction of patching.
[Image: n1bj0n.jpg]
instead this is the way the contrary, the patch could unroll with the rotation of the bullet
[Image: patching02.jpg]
The key is to have the patch strip from the bullet as soon as it exits the barrel. One way of assisting this is to wrap it so that it unwraps with the rotation of the bullet. A small upset in the bullet flight at the barrel can mean something far more significant by the time it has travelled 1000 yards to the  target. I wrap mine the same direction as you (and have had long range match winning success) - while others wrap theirs so the patch unwraps and have had success too.

I don't have a definitive answer.

If anyone is seeking apper patching information, the bottom picture in the last post is from Paper Patching: A Pictorial Guide

Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
I understand, there are many mysteries in all areas and sometimes physical laws are not authentic, is how to find the G-spot in women ... and they all have different orgasms .... but enjoy both.  Big Grin
On February 15, the arms fair in Vicenza I met the owner of the company Davide Pedersoli and with great joy I was recognized for the results published on the Facebook page.
I chatted at length with Pierangelo Pedersoli and Balázs Németh owner of Capandball Firearms Store Budapest and they invited me to write a report on my experience with Gibbs.
You have already seen the results I got, but I still want to share this article published on the blog of Davide Pedersoli.
Missing report with paper patch, i hope you publish this too.

It was nice to know these two important people.

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