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uberti 1860 Army .44
I have an ubert 1860 Army .44 BP and i was wondering or looking for information on how much pyrodex should i load it up with? On the web it varies from 27 to 35 Grains.   ;D
Morning Chalky. Try putting Black powder substitute in to wikipedia. It will explain the difference between volume measures and weight measures with pyrodex.
I use between 15 and 20 grains. depending on the revolver, with a semolina filler to bring the ball to the mouth of the cylinder. This gives me a manageable target load. For fun I fill it up to leave enough room for the ball and a smear of grease, big bang, big recoil, silly grin.
I only used pyrodex for a while before giving it away and going back to black powder(swiss brand) as I found it was cleaner burning and less inclined to rust my pistols.
Each to there own.
Yes i love Big bangs and recoil to and thanks for the advice Smile
Hi there,

I have a Pietta 1851 Navy in .44 Cal, I found about 21-24 grains of Pyrodex was a good all round load, or 18-21 grains of Triple 7, but saying this, I've recently just switched to black powder, and my ability to hit the target has improved substantially... Pyrodex is good to start with, but if you want to be more accurate, get yourself a BP licence...
Also give the thick Pedersoli Wads a go, I found accuracy also improves using those too

- Tom
- Graysmoke
You can easily make your own lubed wad by buying a sheet of 1/8" felt and cutting the wads out with a wad cutter, then just heat up your favorite lube and drop the wads in, much cheaper, and a great feeling of satisfaction !

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