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A Breif History of the Colt-Colt Replica Revolvers
This is an interesting read if you like Colt Percussion Revolvers:
I had the Navy Colt repro, cased with all of the goodies.  My house was broken into and it was stolen.  I was crushed of course. 

I wonder if the new Uberti's are as good as those Colt Repros of the 1980's?

What is the general consensus about which Italian maker of the Colt repros is best?   
I may be biased, since I am Italian, but my Uberti Made Remington 1858 is perfect.
And the same applies for their Colt replicas.
What always intrigues me is that the "perceived knowledge" is that Uberti made the first replicas.
Everyone forgets  CENTAUR in Belgium.  As a student I bought a M1860 from Wally Caseley at Thomas |Bland in King William IV Street in London.  It was certainly well made and shot well.
Has anyone got information on the Company?

Coincidentally I too bought a Centaur 1860 Belgium Colt from Thomas Bland, it was a very well made pistol and shot very well, I then bought an original in good condition and found that the Belgium made Colt was every bit as well made as the original, I now have several Uberti made "Colts", and they are also every bit as well made, of course everyone knows now that the 2nd &3rd generation Colts were made by Uberti and assembled in USA, an admission of their excellent build quality.

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