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Revolvers and caps?
Hello all you Colt Navy shooters.    Could you let me into your secret?    How do you solve the problem of spent caps jamming the mechanism?    Wouldn't do to have that happen in battle or in a competion.  I have tried different caps, some are better than others yet still can't fire off 6 cylinders without at least one jam.  I could go the pin and split hammer face route if all else fails but would rather not.   So how do you do it?
I believe that the old gunfighters used to turn the revolver 90 degrees to  the right while cocking it. There is a groove on the top right of the recoil shield to facilitate this.
Polish the face of the hammer and take the edges of it especially in the safety cut out, the spent cap then has nothing to grip it when you cock the hammer so the cap remains stays on the nipple rather than coming back stuck to the hammer. Works for me.
Thanks chaps.  Already tried that but didn't totally solve the problem.   Tight caps can also get stuck on the nipple after firing.   Any GB competitors out their with experience of having solved this problem?

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