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Matchlock cord treatment for Tanzutsu
Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to put the question out. I've read that some shooters treat their Matchlock cord or fuse with lead acetate in order to obtain a high temperature ember. Other shooters use instead potassium nitrate, and a few ones uses nothing else than the cord itself.

I'd like to ask to the experts: which is the better treatment?

Thanks and best regards  Wink
Hi pumpum7,
I have normally used Pot.Nite.for fuses.Satuated solutions were always too fast for my purpose but can be OK on "old fashioned" cloths line if you can find it. Haven't removed any tree stumps for about 40 years. Big GrinEVA..
I've been experimenting with match production over the last year whilst still using shop bought here in the UK.
I'm sure there's many ways to skin this cat but for me coming from a chemical/ petrochemical background safety has been the key,before using anything,especially in the home environment,I'd recommend you to look up either the material safety data sheet (MSDS) or a control of substances hazardous to health regulations (COSHH) for the chemical your interested in,Lead Acetate makes good reading! Both of these sheets will give you the associated hazards,first aid treatment,toxicology,correct PPE & RPE,disposal etc Google will find these for you.
For me I buy either 100% braided (never twisted) cotton with a cotton core(never any synthetics) or my latest has been 16 x braided Hemp cord with a hemp core.Both of these I put through a one hour simmer in a Potassium carbonate solution (Potash,very alkaline!!!)to leach out the ash producing organic matter,the hemp certainly contains more than the cotton! Once this is done I flush with cold water and neutralise as best as possible with white vinegar (basically acetic acid) It's then dried and then steeped in a Potassium nitrate solution for approximately ten minutes to a maximum of one hour depending on solution strength,after all we are only making match not fuse! I dry it loosely coiled on a stainless grid turning it at intervals so as to dry evenly,once dry I grip the cord in a slightly dampened cloth and pull it through to remove any crystals that may want to spark and fall of when lit.
I've found this has produced some extremely fast ignition especially with the hemp and without using lead acetate.
Obviously this is just a quick overview and what has worked for "me"
I look forward to hearing how you get on,stay safe.


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