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Repeating Revolver meeting cancellation
I note that the repeating revolver meeting on the 6th and 7th of May has been cancelled for lack of interest, and the result loss that would occur if it went forward.
I wonder what the reasons for this are, can I speculate:-
1.      Location at Bisley, not a central location compared to Wedgnock?
2.      The cost of running the meeting? We are paying the NRA for range hire when we have a perfectly adequate range at Wedgnock?
3.      The belief that there are a lot of demand for non MLAIC style competition is flawed?
4.      The belief that there is demand from club shooters with non specialist revolvers to shoot in competition?
Thoughts and opinions.
Most likely a combination of the above.  Add to that the necessary formality of competition.  It doesn't suit everyone, I know a lot of shooters who just want to turn up week-in, week-out and do their own thing.  That's fine by me, I feel much the same but I also like to compete, not just for the competition itself but also for the social side.
I understand that Bisley are doing a lot more work to make the pistol ranges better, particularly for competition style shooting but I agree entirely that Wedgenock, despite it's lack of 'amenities' is still the best option when it comes to running MLAGB competitions, and mileage-wise, I actually live closer to Bisley!
The reason was probably MORE to do with the fact that there were several similar Meetings in the same month  (I had no control over that) because..

(a) the ATSC Meeting HAD to be the first weekend of April;
(b) the South London RC Meeting is set at the anniversary of the founding of their Revolver Section on 13th April 1886 --  so was the MIDDLE weekend and then
© the only date that I was given to run the MLAGB  Meeting was the first weekend of May:  it would have been better to run it alongside the Bisley Pistol Meeting -- or CERTAINLY at a later time -- - possibly alongside the Surrey Branch Open on 10th September but ... ... ...

(a) was successful as a first attempt and hopefully will be part of next years ATSC Meeting;

(b) was VERY successful --- covered all of its costs;

© I was not prepared to risk a financial loss to the MLAGB.

I do NOT believe that the only "pistol" courses of fire that the MLA should "approve" should be MLAIC (apart from a few leftovers from the '60s and '70s).  When I joined the MLAGB (? 1963?) there was nothing much for revolver.
Anyone who shot pistol before Dunblane must remember that most people didn't want to shoot "Precision" --- even NSRA Club Pistol was poorly supported.  What WAS developing were the more "active" courses -- - so why when we lost Breechloaders did we not look to adding these sort of courses to the MLA Programme?

As to the "problem" with Bisley not being "central" ---  many people don't want to travel these days -- even from Kent to Bisley!  Ideally we ought to have Regional Meetings -- the problem is that there are few volunteers to run them, and many who complain.

Why don't we risk trying to attract the large number of NON-members (who demonstrably don't want to shoot MLAIC Courses) into our membership?  What I want to see are these sort of Meetings ADDED -- - not to REPLACE what we already have.

What's wrong with allowing BP substitutes? Many Clubs have ranges where BP cannot be used. (Of course we would not have them in the same Matches!)

What's wrong with allowing "Smokeless conversions"?   In the 1860's they were looking at conversions from ML to BL. (Of course we would not have them in the same Matches!)

What's wrong with "Modern Muzzle-Loaders"?  All we are risking is having some new Members to replace the ones who are stopping shooting! (Of course we would not have them in the same Matches!)

With a month to go before the "Middle Weekend" of the NRA Imperial Meeting the South London RC "Open Meeting for Repeating Pistols" have already got 64 match entries and have covered the range hire costs.

Shouldn't WE be doing the same, instead of bemoaning the reducing numbers of entries in "our" Meetings?

Why not come down and TRY the courses of fire?

Why not have the MLA Council to approve the Surrey Branch Open (10th September) as an "official MLAGB Meeting"?

The recent South London Rifle Club meeting had 141 match cards.
Results on the Surrey Branch website.  They are running a similar meeting at Bisley on September 10th ... details from
<> or from the same site. Early entry (by 5th Sept)  £5 per match
Three new "RP Meetings" at Bisley in 2018.  Regrettably some unavoidable clashes.
Details ?  from various websites ***
Army Target Shooting Club Open --  April 28/29
Surrey branch Open -- middle weekend of NRA Imperial Meeting --  21/22 July - includes South London RC "Percussion Revolver Team" Matches (free entry)
Surrey Branch Open -- September 9th.

** see the attached "flier"
Downloads from NRA "Diary",   Surrey Branch website,  main MLA Website and South London RC site.

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