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16gauge Flintlock.
[img][Image: 002-5.jpg][/img]

Another View the Right hand Cast can be seen.
Mainspring it is coming along well keep it going and you will be burning powder in a fortnight
Feltwad,as you see it is a big lump of Timber to cut away.All being well I should have it ready to test fire in the white in a couple of weeks.Then its the proof house for the Barrel and then finish the stock before finaly checkering at the wrist.I am still deciding weather to checker the forend or not.
[img][Image: 002-6.jpg][/img]

Working on the Horn Forend Cap and fitting the Ramrod Entry Tube.

Poor Photo too near for Flash.
[img][Image: 001-9.jpg][/img]

Latest View.
What did you use too drill  the ramrod hole ?.
I extended a Twist Drill with a piece of Tube.I then ground one cutting edge away so that the drill will want to return to the centre rather than following the grain.I read this somewhere and it works.Very much like a Gun drill with one cutting edge but utilising a Twist Drill.I placed a steel rule in the barrel Channel and sighted along it with an ordinary twist drill in the  electric Drill then used the extended drill and kept my fingers crossed.
[img][Image: 004-1.jpg][/img]

Drill with one edge ground away.
[img][Image: 001-10.jpg][/img]

Todays activity.Made and fitted main Lock Spring.Two Lock holding screw holes to be drilled and tapped,parts to be polished and case hardened.

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