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pin fire 16 bore.
Hi Ive just aquired some 16 bore pinfire cartridges, in mint condition, RED PAPER CASE, roll turnover, marked, SOCTETA ITALIANA MUNIZIONI       LEON BEAUX & C (SA) MILANO. on stripping one down ,supprized to find its loaded with nitro (flake) powder, not black powder, question, when were the last pinfire shotguns made, when did nitro proofing of guns start,   Undecided
Belgain pinfire shotguns were produced up till the late 1930,s so this will account for cartridges made with nitro powder.You will also find that these late pinfire shotguns were mostly in 16 bore with the forwad under lever .

Belgain 16 bore pinfire shotgun
[Image: P1010011-11.jpg]
If of interest i have a vintage 16 bore pin fire roll turn over tool in my collection.
Many thanks for your offer, 16 bore roll turn over,  I have a few ,but I am looking for a 16 bore,pinfire, cap replacer, has any body got one for sale? best regards Mick.
You will find that the original pinfire capper will be of little help to reloading because  the cartridge  case takes a special made cap which you will find are not made anymore ,It can be overcome by enlageing the anvil in  the bottom of the case to take a no 11 cap
[Image: 16bprto_zpsi2jnhkmu.png]

Just for interest this is the 16 bore pinfire RTO machine i have, Made some new handles for it as the originals were rotten with woodworm, the frame is in primer at the moment but i think ill paint it with some enamel paint when i see some in a decent color. I used the metal parts to practice color case hardening on. Definitely in the category of being over "restored" but that wasn't the intention, was just playing around with it.

[Image: cch_zpsybu61a4b.png]

Colors are a bit garish but will fade in time, was really just to test if my set up was capable of the job.
Enclosed is different images of what the pinfire shooter used in times gone by.If you find original pinfire cases  you can use the original tool for caping the only trouble is that the percussion caps for the size needed are no longer available so the anvil in the cartridge case will have too be enlarged.
For the rolled turnover the originals by Dixon and others still work well the barrel is fitted with a slot to allow the pin to move up when the end of the cartridge is rolled over.
Pinfire Loading Tools
[Image: 100_1628_zpsmisssstd.jpg]
The turnover tool
[Image: 100_1630_zps0yn6wida.jpg]
The Capping Tool notice the lever which seats the pin onto the cap
[Image: 100_1631_zpsdelfzetk.jpg]
Enclosed is a image of different size original pinfire  shotgun cartridges
[Image: P1010018_zpsqkrebgdw.jpg]

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