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Gun Repairers
I have recently acquired a very long percussion fowling piece and the lugs on the bottom of the barrel for the stock pins, have become detached.
  Does anyone know of a Gunsmith in the Essex area whom may be able to do this repair; or any suggestions??
East Anglian Gunsmiths Ltd 9 Gloster Road, Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 3RB Tel: 01473 610859
It is a straight for wad easy job so why not do it yourself ,make sure it is well cleaned of old solder from the  barrel and the wedge.
Make sure there is a good key in the barrel at both ends of the wedge then slide in the wedge till central of the barrel and solder in
Thanks Feltwad, but I'm not confident I could do a job worthy of the gun!
  I've contacted East Anglian Gunsmiths and they can do the job, so many thanks, Guys.
Quote:Thanks Feltwad, but I'm not confident I could do a job worthy of the gun!
  I've contacted East Anglian Gunsmiths and they can do the job, so many thanks, Guys.
Just a suggestion  has it was a easy job  the price of a gunsmith may be more than the gun is worth.
  You may be right Feltwad regarding repair costs and gun value, but, to be honest, I haven't a clue what my gun is worth, but I do know that it's a rare piece and it deserves a quality repair.
  Here's a photo of said Fowler for your perusal![[Image: b4bfe129-e50a-4428-9c6b-afa595cb7b70_zps9wexqmnw.jpg]][/img]
For what I can see from your image ,I would say that you have a flintlock conversion of a 17 80 long fowler, although not rare it is still nice piece, a good example and a nice find
Is there a makers name a image of the stock , lock and for end would be a help
Some photos of my gun;
[Image: DSCF7450_zpswjjhefot.jpg]
[Image: DSCF7447_zpsro47p1wx.jpg][Image: DSCF7448_zpsuiildt3m.jpg]

Couple more;
[Image: DSCF7444_zpsaj560ntb.jpg]
[Image: DSCF7445_zps5jphjchz.jpg]
[Image: DSCF7432_zpsjaeswufq.jpg]
From your extra  images I would say that this gun is by Martin Brander which  I would date at 1770-80 ,it started has a flintlock and full stocked ,then converted to percussion with a proper percussion breech plug most likely it would also been  half  stocked at the same time  and fitted with a ramrod rib and pipes. The barrel looks to be iron which I would say is of foreign manufacture and will have proof marks to show, the fore sight is typical early flintlock also the butt plate and the side plate with rococo scrolls. You have a good antique  gun  which needs little restoration


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