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long range muzzle loader shooting
Hi this is my first time on this forum .I have a reproduction Alexandra Henry 45 cal muzzle loading rifle would any body have any information on the way they loaded the original muzzle loading rifle, power charges ,bullets wads etc I shoot out 1000 yards thanks
I have this scant information from a memoranda included with an original cased Alex Henry.

"Ammunition for Henry's Patent Rifles is supplied to the trade by Eley Brothers, London.

"The Rifles are regulated at all distances with 86 grains of Curtis's and Harvey's No.6 Powder; but 90 to 95 grains may be used for long ranges, particularly where there is much wind blowing across the range or directly in front; care being taken to reduce the elevation proportionately.

"Mr. H. recommends that each charge of powder and bullet should be carefully weighed, and the powder carried in crystal or metal tubes; also that a cap should be snapped on the nipple, and the cock raised to the half-cock bent, before loading, to prevent misfires."

Henry did recommend a muslin greased patch instead of paper patch if deer stalking or other sporting shooting, to prevent the bullet slipping forward when carrying the rifle. He also notes to prevent fouling "in dry or frosty weather, moisten the paper of the bullet in the mouth".   Not too worried about lead poisoning then obviously!

Nothing else to hand on original data ref. bullet or wads. 

Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
Thankyou for the information is all helps and for taking the time to do it
regards finlay

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