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smooth bore or not?
Hi Folks excuse the new guy question:
I have just got my FAC through with a slot for a .45 muzzle loading pistol. I want to do competition with it, and I fancy a flint lock. If I do get a flint lock, should it be smooth bore for competition?  
If competition shooting, is it better to get a rifled percussion cap pistol, IE are there more competitions for this type of gun?
Finally, I am looking at an Ardesa William Parker percussion, is this a good gun, or should I go for the Pedersoli Continental percussion? Cheers
I can't really answer any of your questions, but I will say that I have an Ardesa William Parker 1810 and I am very pleased with it indeed. It's a good gun. Whether it's the best gun for you, I could not say.
thanks bud, planning a visit to Kranks soon Smile
(06-09-2017, 12:40 PM)97nick Wrote: thanks bud, planning a visit to Kranks soon Smile

Well, unless you live pretty close to Pudsey, I'd phone first to see if they can supply what you want. Sad
If this is your first muzzle loading pistol, I would not recommend a flintlock, for MLAGB competitions then a flintlock would need to be smoothbore.

A better starting point is a single shot percussion pistol.
What you buy will depend to some extent on your budget, so I would recommend that you handle all of the pistols you are thinking of buying. What fits your hand and your finger length can not be overstated.
I have a pedersoli Le Page which is an excellent budget target pistol. I am not familiar with the Ardiesas as I graduated to a Feinwerkbau history no 1, which is an under hammer.
The under hammer pistols are generally considered to have a quicker lock time and therefore more accurate, but until you get to national squad level I doubt that you will find any difference.
I am pretty certain most experienced hands would advise a new-to-black-powder shooter to buy a suitable single shot percussion pistol as a first gun, when I say suitable I agree with AlanJR that you should try as many different types of pistol as possible to find one that you are comfortable with before you part with your hard-earned cash.  From memory, the last time I visited Henry Krank's (mid June) they had a number of pistols that were suitable.  Your .45 cal variation does restrict you slightly but both Ardesa and Pedersoli make excellent percussion pistols in this calibre. Whether or not Krank's hold stock of these pistols is another matter.  They (Krank's) will tell you that the UK is a very small player in the world of black powder firearms and their available stock will further illustrate this.
Also worth mentioning is the second-hand market.  There are some bargains to be had and a lot of new shooters do go down this road, in fact, my go to gun for single shot (Kuchenreuter Repro) competition was second-hand and it is an Ardesa!  Albeit an under-hammer!
One thing I would definitely advise you to do, wait until you have 'mastered' the percussion pistol before you even contemplate a flintlock.  They are great fun to shoot but very unforgiving to compete with.
Thank you guys I called and they have an Ardesa in stock Smile
(18-09-2017, 12:59 PM)97nick Wrote: Thank you guys I called and they have an Ardesa in stock Smile

Are we going to see you at the Oct or Nov OTF? Details on the MLAGB website.
Either of the OTF shoots would be the perfect place to start.  There are always experienced shooters on hand to offer you advice and believe me, there are an awful lot of things that will seem completely baffling at first!  Come along and give it a shot... literally!
Ill do my best! Ill Have a look into it Smile

I didnt get the Ardesa in the end, I got an Armi Sport Rochatte which is very nice.
this brings me to my next question, can I dry fire it if I push the set trigger forward without damaging it?
IE not cocking the hammer, just setting the trigger and dry firing that way? thanks

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