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Just introducing myself. I have my FAC and SGC and recently joined a rifle club. I met a couple of chaps at therange,shooting BP revolvers. This has got me thinking about about applying for a variation for a BP revolver. I have checked with the club and no problem about me shooting BP there.
Im going to get a mentor,as required by the club,and want to get started asap. 
What would be a good revolver to start with,regarding calibre make etc ?
I did have the chance to shoot one of the members pistol,a .44 calibre and really enjoyed it. Would that be a suitable calibre for me to start with and what should i put on the variation request?
Many thanks in advance.
Hi Flyeruk , Welcome to the wonderful, frustrating world of Black Powder Shooting . If you are planning on a revolver then I would suggest one of the Remington clones as they are much stronger and more reliable than others. They also range in price from the £50 clunker to the £600 precision type , it really depends how deep you wish to delve in the beginning and don't forget , once you've mastered the basics , the clunker can be sold on to the next newbie and allow you to buy a better model. I'm sure your fellow club members give you loads of advice .
As for your FAC then it's just referred to as a Black Powder percussion revolver.
Enjoy !
Welcome Flyeruk, A Remington is probably the best choice for a revolver. However, do consider a single shot percussion pistol. They are all based on original target pistols and much, much, much quicker and easier to clean.

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