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As you know, these are intended to offer shooting opportunities for the widest range of ML "handguns" ( I DO hate that Americanism!)

I am pleased to see that the MLAGB Insurance now covers use of "BP Substitutes" -- - thanks, Alan.

As usual  THREE Percussion Classes (Standard Percussion Revolver, Percussion Target Revolver (offhand only), "Free" Percussion Revolver) and also "Modern Muzzle-Loader:
FIVE Courses of Fire (Slow-, Timed- & Rapidfire; "Bobber" (turning target) and "Surrenden" (against the clock)
OFFHAND and SUPPORTED (2 hand hold)

BP obligatory for originals, others may use BP Substitutes if the firearm is "Of Proof"
AWARDS-- scaled to the number entered:   MEDALS, Illuminated NRA Place Certificates and Skilled Shot Certificates .
SPECIAL AWARDS -  e.g., highest "Original",  highest "Open Frame", highest "Offhand"   etc ... ...

The three Open Meetings at Bisley are

28th/29th April - part of the Army Target Shooting Club Open Meeting -- (only £5 per entry for RP courses)
                            which includes MLAIC Precision and other ML Pistol events, Gallery Rifle, ISSF Events (incl. Air Pistol)

21st/22nd July --  run by Surrey Branch.

                             this includes two "SLRC Percussion Revolver Club Team" Championships ---  each MLA Branch counts as a "Club"
                  It is also the "middle weekend" of the NRA Imperial Meeting so there are other M-L Pistol & Revolver Cup and Medal Matches  as well as Gallery Rifle. I KNOW that is the same weekend as "BP 2018" -- perhaps in the future we (MLAGB) could avoid the "Imperial" which has been running in July since 1860?

9th September -- Surrey Branch RP Open Meeting --  Cheylesmore Range.

For the two Surrey Branch Meetings there are reduced fees for MLA Members and early entry --- Registration including one Course as low as £6 with additional courses only £5.

DETAILS from the following websites ---  MLA, NRA (in the Diary), Surrey Branch MLA, South London RC and ATSC  or send an e-mail to
jim (at) jimhallam (dot) me (dot) uk  -- no spaces ---  stating which meeting(s).
I though all handgun shooting had been banned in the UK after the Dunblane incident? I see that the shooting events have been dropped from the Commonwealth Games. Sorry this is off topic

Kind regards

(25-03-2018, 09:35 PM)heelerau Wrote: I though all handgun shooting had been banned in the UK after the Dunblane incident?

Muzzle loading handguns are exempt from the ban.

Research Press -
Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
We were able to achieve SOME exeptions to the draconian ban --
(a) "professional use" ----   i.e., humane killers for Vets, slaughtermen and some Pest/Vermin contol people and (depending where you live) stalkers:
(b) muzzle-loading pistols and revolvers:
© "Section 7 Heritage Pistols" -- for specialised collectors; these are of two classes -- 7(1) being pre-1919 in a small group of calibres, held at home with no ammunition, 7(3) being held in "designated sites" and may be shot.  There are a small number of sites around the country but NONE in Scotland because they refuse to have them.
It depends where you live as to how difficult it is to get Section 7 items on your FAC --  some Police Forces response is deliberately obstructive and they succeed in browbeating Collectors into submission; some are very reasonable -- for example, Surrey Police's current attitude seems to be that they are there to ADMINISTER the Law as it stands, but a few years ago the answer was "NO - - what's your question?".

Many people just gave up pistol-shooting.  Some bought ML revolvers and most then fell by the wayside.  Many didn't want to deal with Black Powder or their home ranges did not permit its use and so they were disenfranchised by the MLAGB Rules.  These are the people that I have been trying to attract (back) into the Sport (and the Association) with a more open approach to eligible firearms, powder and courses of fire.  That is NOT to supplant the existing MLAIC courses (which didn't exist when I joined the MLA in 1963) but to offer more opportunity to a wider group of shooters.  Time will tell whether it was worth trying  ;-)  If not then we will continue to see a decline in membership.
I forgot to add the FOURTH category of "handgun" (  I HATE that Americanism! ) --- for the privileged few who are on the GB Pistol Squad.  The avarage law abiding shooter has NO real chance of getting into it but the members get a special "Section 5 Authority" from the Home Office so that the politicians can save face.
There is also the little known scheme called "Troops to target" which supports  training for UIT Events for serving soldiers (etc) ...   personally I think that both of these schemes are unfair to the rest of us, so I am not too upset to hear that shooting is off the agenda for the NEXT Commonwealth games in 2022.  

BTW, I was amazed to see that the Radio Times EASTER Edition has a nerly full-page spread on shooting --- but I think that it is because David Calvert is 67, not because he is a great target rifle shooter  ;-)

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