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Holts Muzzle Loading Clay Shooting Competition
Holts Auctioneers have kindly put up a trophy for an annual muzzle loading open clay pigeon shooting competition. This year's shoot, run by the Anglian Muzzle Loaders, will be  a 30 bird (singles) sporting shoot. The venue is Cambridge Gun Club, Cottenham, CB24 8AH, on Sunday 22nd July 2018. The shoot starts from 10.00 am with last cards to be handed in by 2.30 pm. Holts are offering a free valuation with certificate for one gun for each competitor. It is intended that this competition be competed for annually. Cambridge Gun Club is an excellent shooting ground with great facilities. Food will be available and the club will put a barbeque on. We look forward to welcoming muzzle loading shotgunners to what, I am sure, will be a great day out.

Hi Martin,

Is this competition open to all or just members of the MLAGB, are there any entry costs and will one be required to enter prior to the event or simply turn up on the day?
I always have every intention of getting more involved but things seem to always get in the way.

Hello James,
The shoot is an open shoot which is open to all including non-MLAGB members. The entry fee is £11.00 for the 30 bird competition. The competition is non-re-entry. You can just turn up on the day. We look forward to meeting you. A poster for the event should be posted shortly if we can work the IT out.
Hi Martin
Another shoot will be a asset too the shotgun section of the MLAGB . I am not about to nock the event but to me there are two things which I think could be improved on ,first is the shooting ground these places are set out for nitro guns with all their chokes to use from , some birds are far too far out for a muzzle loader with open chokes , also the entrance fee at £11 for 30 birds is not a encourage to a new comer but the opposite. Not complaining but just putting forward my views
Thanks for your thoughts Gordon. The clays will be well within range. Cambridge Gun Club is the base of the Anglian Muzzle Loaders Branch and we shoot their targets regularly with no real problems. The ground staff are really accomodating and are well used to setting courses for muzzle loaders. As for the cost, £11 is pretty good for a commercial ground given that there will be shown birds and some miss fires. The facilities are excellent and I am sure a good day out will be enjoyed by all those taking part.
Please note that I have made an error in the Shotgun News article in the latest, summer 2018, "Black Powder" magazine. The date of the Holts shoot is the Sunday 22nd July 2018 as previously advised on this thread and Holts shoot main poster, NOT the 29th July as stated in the Shot Gun news.
I appologise for this error - must be crossed wires!!
Please advise any friends or Branch members that may be coming to the Holts shoot.
Thanks, Martin.

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