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Use of powder flasks on a range
I'm back into muzzle loading after a bit of time away. I realise that loading directly from a flask into the muzzle is frowned upon due to the risk of putting powder onto smouldering remnants but I'm interested in a different approach.

My question is, therefore, is there any reason why a flask should not be used to load a firearm via a container such as a test tube? This is to say, use the flask to dispense powder into a test tube or similar then pour the contents of the tube into the muzzle of the rifle? Specifically, would this breach any range practice guidelines from the MLAGB? Advice from qualified sources would be most welcome as I am going to have to get this past my range safety officer.
This is what I do with my muzzle loading shotguns, rifles and pistols, just have a spare phial or two handy to transfer the charge into from the flask, before pouring it from the phial into the barrel. I even made a special phial transfer tool for side by side muzzle loading shotguns which prevents it from being double loaded.

I consider it part of my safety practice whilst loading. The only worry is if you haven't forced yourself to load in this way, and you have the flask present on the range, you may just pick up the flask and use it directly by mistake... Can't confirm if it breaches any range guidelines, but I thought I'd share that you're not the only one who does/thinks of doing this.
- Graysmoke
Thanks for that.
(01-06-2018, 08:35 AM)Shootist Wrote: Thanks for that.

Things have changed in many ways as to how we "use" black powder on ranges, may I please direct you to read the "MLAGB Code of Practice for Muzzle Loading Arms" for directions and reasons why the use of phials are encouraged. 

Please be aware that this is not just an MLAGB document, it has been produced in conjunction with the HSE ( who oversee the Explosive Regulations 2014), to ensure that best practice is adopted.

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