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.451 bullet mould. Volunteer PH with Henry rifling
Hello, I am looking for a bullet mould that casts a 450 grain projectile in .450 caliber direct from the mould and does not need sizing. I have a Lee mini bullet mould which is the correct diameter, cast super mini bullets at .450, that fit perfectly, but it is too light. Any recommendations much appreciated. Kind regards Chris, Surrey Branch MLAGB.
Hi lyman 45 cal 450 gr #451114 buy direct from usa it works out cheaper,
i resize my bullets and use a beer card wad 60 gr powder lee sizing kit £22 ish
there are a lot of people on this site with a lot more info than me but i think they prefer to take it to the grave with them.
have fun pete.
Ditto the lyman .451 mould #451114 works well in my first generation Rigby rifle PH Volunteer.
(07-10-2018, 06:24 AM)heelerau Wrote: Ditto the lyman .451 mould #451114 works well in my first generation Rigby rifle PH Volunteer.

Thank you both. I have just purchased a mold from Buffallo Arms of the USA. It is one of the Jim's Mold range and is apparently a heavy .450 projectile  from the mold. It is a canellured bullet, flat base and long. It was expensive, lets see whether it works. Kind regards

Chris.    Smile

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