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Pedersoli Kuchenreuter Pistol For Sale.
Good Evening.  I am selling my Mint Pedersoli Kuchenreuter Pistol as I find I am using it less and less and, as we know this won't satisfy my requirement to use it 'regularly'.
It's a beautiful gun, .40" calibre with a 10" PMG barrel.  I have fitted a replacement Copper Berylium Nipple and the gun performs very well with a moderate load of Swiss 2 powder behind a .395" ball over a 010" lubed patch.
I have tried without success to post pictures of the pistol (File too large) so if you are interested please PM me and I will e-mail you a set.  Priced to sell at £400.  I would prefer a face-to-face transaction but I can post it to your RFD at cost.
The important thing to remember is that "regularly" does NOT mean "frequently". Some Police Forces (oops! I meant Services) can be very aggressive about this. Once or twice a year, every year, is "regularly ;-)
(10-11-2018, 01:08 PM)jimhallam Wrote: The important thing to remember is that "regularly" does NOT mean "frequently".  Some Police Forces (oops! I meant Services) can be very aggressive about this.  Once or twice a year, every year, is "regularly  ;-)

I've been told by a FEO that Thames Valley expect you to use your individual firearms 'at least' 3 times a year?

Sorry, meant to add to my previous post that the pistol is now Sold.
I might have KNOWN that it was Thames Valley ;-(

There is nothing in the Act(s) which defines "regularly". I have ALL of my older firearms listed as "Collectors' Items" --- and Home Office guidance says that there should be "no test... ...". Some Police Forces will accept that specialised Target Arms are unlikely to be fired frequently: some people have explained to their Licensing Authority that they cannot afford ORIGINALS, so some of their collection HAS to be "repros" --- the best example being someone who collects Colts -- - and they have a repro Paterson and a Walker listed as part of their collection.
If this is still available ?
If so can you email me some photos, the secutary of my club is interested in one of these .
I did pm you , but a couple of people have not received pm’s I have sent and I’m not seeing theirs.


Hi Dean
Sorry -- - gone, but I DO have a .33" Hege "Siber", which I will have at tomorrow's show at Kempton Park.
VERY tidy.

Jim H.

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