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Starting to shoot pistol.
Hi one and all.

Well after a year of shooting my m/l rifle (.54 cal Hawken) and thoroughly enjoying it. Having tried a few friends pistol , have decided to take the plunge and get my own. The variation went in and I have been looking for my first purchase. ?
I have kind of made my mind up to go for .36 cal, preferably single shot (not totally ruled out revolvers but almost ) , percussion.
Have short listed the Pedersoli Mortimer, Pedersoli Le Page and the Jim Greathead underhammer.
Typically, now that I am able to buy (fingers crossed), the availability is starting to dry up , online anyway (or so it seems ?)
If anyone has or knows of any of these for sale ,at a reasonable price. definitely can’t afford new prices, being disabled on a pension kind of limits my funds (as well as hiding it from my wife lol )

I have a mint Pedersoli Le Page, with a Lee double cavity mould for sale at £325, but it is in .45 calibre.
Great news, put in my variation, got it back 3 days later,
Bad news, I’d put in for a .36 muzzle loading pistol, came back as a .36cal muzzleloading rifle.....sigh ?
Not a big issue, as I’ll probably change the calibre anyway ?
So .36 or .44 is in my future. Did see a .30 Greathead underhammer, but having trouble finding a mould for it. I wonder if that’s why it’s being sold lol.

Oh pm’d you FBoulton, not sure if you have noticed it ?
Interesting! I don't have any private messages!
My Email is:
(07-12-2018, 10:13 AM)MFBoulton Wrote: Interesting! I don't have any private messages!
My Email is:
Odd, I didn’t see a pm from another member, anyway emailed you as well now ?
It looks like I typed an error in my E mail address---It should be:
Sorry, Fred

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