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Hunting with black pwder muzzle loaders
i have my coal fire on the go here in leeds at the moment, and it will probably on the go all through christmas!
A coal fire that is now a thing of the past not many about gas and oil have taken over, they are getting fewer every year just like a top grade muzzle loader

No kidding?  When I lived in London as a kid the air was packed with coal smoke and it gave the entire town a acrid sort of dark brown smell, that I happened to love.  It also turned the buildings black.  Evey time I would go back I'd harken to the odor of all that coal smoke.  I moved in to an old Victorian home here and it had a little coal burning fireplace, which I burned coal in.  I could smell it for a mile from my house, and it reminded me of London!
Quote:i have my coal fire on the go here in leeds at the moment, and it will probably on the go all through christmas!

I love burning coal.  It makes a lot of heat and here, it's very cheap.  I can heat an entire house for about a hundred bucks a month.  In my old Victorian I only heated the room I was in.  So the rest of the house was freezing, which was fine with me.
I think this thread has strayed too far from the main topic Hunting with Black Powder Muzzle  Loaders  lets get back too the original heading and cut the chit chat
Quote:A muntjac is a very small deer, only about the size of a collie dog.
I would still use something better then a .220 ball or conical bullet. I live in Maryland, USA and the B.P. hunting regulations for deer say at least .40 cal. with 60 grains of powder. I just don't see how you would be effective with that small of a cal. unless you were at near point blank range and if you were why not just club the thing over the head. I do not just kill, I hunt and my family and I eat what I harvest. If you are not planning on eating it, don't kill it!
Quote:And the horrible choking smogs they produced are now virtually gone.  We still get fogs (though very rarely here on the North Wales coast) but at least they are not a dirty yellow now.
I clearly recall the smell of London in the 50's.  Coal smoke.  It also turned the buildings black.  I lived there for a year as a young teenager.  I just loved the place!  I never felt such freedom since I learned to use the buses and the town became my oyster.  I went to all of the great museums.  Decades later on subsequent visits I haunted the pubs and got into delightful discussions.  Americans don't do that.  I was befuddled by the money, but loved that beautiful half crown piece and the funny shaped thra-pence.  I don't know much about modern London or England.  The money changed.  It has become very expensive for Americans, and I cannot afford to go there today, but at one time I just adored the Sainted Isle.
In the US every state has regulations on hunting.

For me I have been blessed to have been hunting for over 40 years with many of those years with a muzzleloader in my hands.


Hi gunsports,

Here in the Netherlands shooting game with blackpowder is prohibited, since we are no more alowed to shoot with lead shot. Otherwise it is forbidden, since replicas are licened and originals can't stand the pressure of steel shot.
First of all, Forgive my English!!
As i can see there are many of you are curious about what is going on in other countries about guns law, hunting with black powder, shooting or hunting in general, so that is a try to help .
Any place has its habits and traditions throughout the years so what happens in some places sometimes looks funny, wrong or unbelievable compare to others.
I live in Greece . Hunting period is between August and February. Everybody that has license can hunt everywere (exept some areas that are protected) with no permission of the land owner (unless if his area is enclosure perfectly with 3 meter height) you can hunt of course only the legal kinds. The most land here in Greece is a public area.
Of course you can't hunt 200 meters closer to houses.
You can hunt ONLY with <slag barrel> with soots or bullets, but twisted barrels are forbidden, till now. Hunting with pistols is also forbidden.
Till about 5 years before you were able to hunt with black powder rifle, but now to import black powder is not legal. So unfortunently those rifles are now useless.
I had some hunting experiences in many countries (including England) and the whole part is funny even for me......
Actually till the low change there are not act mazloaders here, just collectors and mazleloading lovers.
Difficult for me writing in English , i hope im understanable.
It does raise an interesting question regarding shooting live quarry with either a muzzle loading rifle, or a BP cartridge rifle in the UK.

In principle I can see no reason why not, you just have to convince the licencing authority that you have a viable reason for wanting to do so. Something along the lines of a Kentucky rifle in .36 or .45 would ballistically be perfectly adequate and humaine for fox.

the .36 would be good for rabbits and (low loaded) would not be dissimilar to the ballistics of the old 'rook' rifles of years gone by. It does actually have a good argument in its favour in that the projectiles rapidly lose velocity should (perish the thought) a miss happen.

Rook rifles have an obvious case to be made but some other calibres are neglected. Why for example would some of those lovely old rifles now be ruled out simply because they are not on the 'approved' list of calibres?

The problem, as I see it, is that the FEOs who licence firearms have absolutely no knowledge or experience of this subject. I can see a case for MLAGB producing briefing documents and supporting a few applications to create precidents.

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