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  Hi --
I have searched months --in vain --on 4 other US  black powder web forums --
for a set of design blueprints for constructing a replica flintlock trigger/frizzen striker/springs etc etc ---ie al the
pieces that come together to form the flintlock mechanism

that's all ----
but its been one failure after another --all pics /fotos /diagrams -DO NOT SHOW DIMENSIONS -anywhere---have d/loaded hundreds of flintlock types .
/designs --but nothing has scale /templates for home construction

so I have joined the British ---maybe some kind soul is willing to dismantle his lock plate ----& FOTO graph /measure  the parts ---post /attach for me to build a replica ----
really appreciate any help --books and other websites prove to be costly /
retired professional hunter / live in the backwoods of South central Africa
thankyou -----blackball[img][/img]

err --how to attach a foto ?---no [img][email][media][/media][/email][/img] er how /where is attach icon ??
give up --cannot find attachments or attach file ---
Posting Photographs
Forum Admin
Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain -
This site may help.
This is another site that could be helpful.
the catalogue from track of the wolf has life size pictures of all their locks and components in it
THANKU all so much -jonathan and mainspring --appreciate   your assistance very much ---
found Peter  DYSON on that site--
remarkable people --true artistic craftsmen ---

however --I tremble with fear at asking their lordships /muzzle loader masters ---for a blueprint of a flintlock mechanism -----
thanku so much
will try the track of the wolf --( again )
still no dimensions given anywhere)
no - I do not intend to build a nuclear trigger --just an 18th century  blunderbuss -----
attempting to attach a foto or schematic diagram here is
pure folly ---tried several dozen ways to sunday --
all failed  --no wonder not many pics on this forum -= plus I read all the complaints
simplify--go to American civil war -muzzle loaders site
attach a foto in seconds ---so easy !

sorry chaps --tried to show you all what I have found so far
-( magnificent 3d  flintlock images ---)
but this foto bucket system is a disaster if u are not a damn PC  genius  -or   Bill  Gates 1
the track of wolf ones are in the printed catalogue only i think the website just has listings for all, it is quite a book in itself and worth having
still no blueprints for a flintlock mechanism --
dimensions are NEVER  shown ---must be ye olde trade secret
unless someone is kind enough to dismantle an 18 th cent
original lock ---and  post those dimensions ---for me to fabricate a   replica at home ----of striker
/sear mainspring /tumbler  etc --including length of side plate /its height and thickness of iron plate -

really appreciate any pictures/plans /blueprints or templates I can use to shape each component relatively accurately in a forge from mild steel =--or wrought /cast iron :-?
black ball -central-Africa
[Image: 004-6.jpg]
This Book might be of help to you.How to build your own Flintlock Rifle or Pistol.By George Luber.Distributed by The John Olson Company.299 Forest Avenue.Box767.Paramus,New Jersey 07652.USA.
It will give you all measurements and drawings you may Need

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