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MLAGB Website
Dear All,

The MLAGB website is currently undergoing a major overall, and as some of you may have noticed this also includes this forum. We have transferred the hosting back to the UK (after being hosted in Canada for at least the last 10 years), which is why the forum was down for 2 weeks.

We are also in the middle of sorting out some background detail on the forum  - and although you won't notice much difference (other than a possible colour change to match the new site) the posting of photos will be much simplified....we hope.

The new site will come live in mid January all being well and I am hoping it will be well received...It is very different and a little more interactive - so watch this space!

Constructive feed back on the new site will be most welcome!

Finally, just to clarify David is continuing to monitor and run the forum...everything else web based will be down to me.

Have a very happy Christmas and a less than sober New Year!

Best Regards,

Jon Huggett.. Your new webmaster  Smile
MLAGB Website Administrator
Please note that the Member's Area of the web site is not currently accessible but will be reinstated when the new site is launched.

Forum Admin
Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain -

As you can see the website and forum have changed as of 5pm today.

Work will continue on the site, forum, members area over the weekend to 'bed in the new site'.

If you experience problems please do bear with us as this is a straight forward, but in some places time consuming process.

Although the site is being tested if you experience problems after Monday please do email me at

Jon Huggett
MLAGB Website Administrator
Thankyu  Jon --appreciate your website modifications -

does that mean --we can post images /fotos --
without having to endure that photobucket  nightmare
that I could not fathom -even after dozens of attempts ?

well I hope its now a simple "attach file " here ---( few clicks)
or paperclip icon as in G mail -- thanku ----appreciate
Black b 8-)

Hi there, in short yes.

David who is runs the forum is working on this.

Best Regards from a cold damp Uk  Smile
MLAGB Website Administrator
Looks exactly the same to me--what is supposed to have changed?
I agree Fred still the same to me
Hi Fred and Feltwad,

If the site still looks the same your computers are using the stored memory 'cashe' on your computers.... press F5 (top row of your key board) and your computer will refresh.

You should then see a change...

Jon  Smile
MLAGB Website Administrator
Great job Jon, super new look and feel to the site.
Being a new member I am a little confused with the information on this post. Is the members area still off line or has it moved or what?? Every time I try to log in it gives me a 503 error code?? I have sent three e-mails to different people on different subjects but failed to get a reply from any of them, is this normal for MLAGB???

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