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MLAGB Website
Hi Darcytt. No it is not normal for an MLAGB member not to be able to speak with anyone. I'd be interested to hear who you tried to contact...?

Now with regards to the website and Forum. The website and forums are different and entirely separate websites. I manage the website and David manages the forum.

If you are trying to log into the website using your Forum passwords it will not work (unless you have set up the same passcodes) for both sites. I have just checked the Members Area on the website and it does not appear that you have this set up.

In order to register on the website go to 'Log In'. Then click onto 'Register' written in white at the bottom of the page...then just follow the requests for information - you will need you membership number.

When I see that you have registered and you have a valid membership number I will then authorise you to have access to this area of the website.

I'm sorry if this seems a little long winded but the website and Forums sometimes come under sustained attacks from spammers looking for information on members. We of course take this issue seriously and other than the fact it is our legal duty not to pass on or release members information, the Spam attacks are seriously annoying and take some time to deal with.

I hope this helps, any problems email me at and I will endeavour to help.

Best regards Jon
MLAGB Website Administrator
Hi Jon. I have been registered once and have accessed the members area so was surprised that you say I am not on the list?? I tried registering again but it won't let me as my e-mail address is recognised, so I tried changing my password but that doesn't work either I still get Error 503??
My first e-mail was to the membership secretary and I waited for a week then sent the same e-mail to the Chairman. After no reply from both I rang and was told that all e-mails go to the web manager and he hadn't sent them on??? The third e-mail was to the WebSite Manager and have had no reply from him either??? I normally receive 15-20 e-mails a day and send about half that number and have no problem sending so it remains a mystery. Any way that is not a problem as I have my membership - no 5993 and my e-mail address is "" If you could see what is going wrong with my Members Log In I would be grateful.
I will look into this tomorrow night for you and reply in full tommorow when I have more time if that's ok.

Now that I have your email address it should be easier to track you, however I do prefer to know the name of the person I am trying to help....
MLAGB Website Administrator
Hi Darcytt,

Thank you for your email yesterday. Now that I have your proper name and email address I can trace you more easily.

I have gone through your account and there appears to be an issue with the server / some sort of glitch...I am not sure why, but will have this resolved in the next 24 hours or so and will email you privately to let you know it is resolved and you can log in.

I cannot speak for the membership secretary (Victor) or our Chairman (Jon) but I as the web manager have not received any prior emails from you..that's not to say you didn't send them to me, I just have not received anything - your email may have been auto deleted from my computer if it identified it as spam.

I receive a very large volume of emails for work, I have not counted how many on average per day but it is defiantly in excess of 50... and have up to 5 a day just from MLAGB members to do with the forum, members area, the shop, diary and website in general.

As discussed previously elsewhere on this forum, the server the MLAGB website is on, crashed earlier in year causing a huge amount of damage and technical issues with lots of websites - essentially we had to re build this may be that the issues with login that you are having are connected to this....either way I, with the help of our server provider, will resolve this for you as quickly as we can.

Finally, I am uncertain why (and this is a guess) Louise from Goodform would have said all emails go through me...Other than being impractical I think there would be a date protection issue there as well..... Just for the record I don't get them, process them or see them.

My apologies for the problems you have encountered, I hope that this is an isolated issue and one that wan be resolved quickly.

Best regards, Jon
MLAGB Website Administrator

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