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1863 sharps 54 cal
Hello chaps,

Just wondered if any of you have the mentioned rifle??

If you do any views would be smashing as I'm thinking about getting one (pedersoli).

Many thanks
Not wanting to discourage discussion of this topic here, but while you are waiting for feedback you might like to look at the 1863 Support/Shooting section of the Shiloh Rifle Forums.  Just don't tell them you're looking to buy a Pedersoli!  Smile

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Firearms, long range target shooting and associated history
Don't order a Pedersoli Sharps mail order because occasionally one will slip out of the factory that has poor wood to metal fit. Go to a dealer that has them in stock and make a detailed inspection of the gun you are considering buying.

Make sure the wood to metal fit is good, the breech block and lock work properly.

The Pedersoli Sharps is the "Rolls Royce" of replica arms-you can't do any better IF you select a good one.
I own an original of the Sharps three banded Rifle.  It is a wonderful shooter.  I have owned this rifle since 1972 and have not shot it very is old after all.  I have shot it with a .54 minie ball, designed, I think for the 1841 Mississippi rifle.  That rifle was made the shoot the round ball, I believe.

My Sharps leaks very little gas.  Some old breech loaders do. 

Sharps percussion rifles are a kick to shoot.  With the proper bullet, which was not a minie ball, I'm sure they would be excellent shooters. My Minie balls shoot almost MOA...not quite that good.   I just drop in the bullet and pour in a measured bit of FFG.  They are muzzle loaders that can be loaded from the breech.  A 385 pure lead bullet and about 60 grains of BP makes a great load. Very little recoil.

I shoot many (4) original Sharps rifles and the percussion item is wonderful. I have never loaded the paper cartridge, but I'm sure it'd work fine.  My rifle retains its pill primer, but no pills today, so I cap it with a musket cap.    

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