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Axtell Sharps 1877 Replica
The company that made this rifle has just been bought out be a former competitor, Shiloh Sharps.  Axtell made an 1877 model Sharps replica which are rare in the original.  Only about a hundred were made between 1877 and 78, but they were touted as the best Sharps rifles made.  The two companies Shiloh and Axtell were fierce competitors.  The rifle you see here is an Axtell.  It is the 118th one they  made.  You can decide if it's nice or not.  This rifle was very expensive, and I'd never be able to afford one today now that I'm retired.
  [Image: Axtell1877Sharps009.jpg]
Here's another picture.  It is a pretty thing don't you think? [Image: Axtell1877Sharps001.jpg]
Dead I,

What a stunning rifle, very nice. Just wondering what the caliber is? What is so surprising to me is that this post has been up since January with no comments.


The Axtell Sharps is a 45/70.  You know what?  I have not shot it.  Bought it used, but it must have had about ten rounds put through it. 

There was a on-going battle between the Axtell people and the Shiloh Sharps bunch.  Apparently the Ax folks had worked for Shiloh.  I believe Axtell has since been purchased by Shiloh and is no longer making these fine rifles.  They are a pretty thing.  A joy to  hold.  I'll have to shoot it.  Trouble is I have an original Business rifle that I like to shoot.  So the replica stays in the safe.
Oh good a .45-70 a great caliber to shoot. You can have a lot of fun shooting the .45-70 with .457 round balls. We load up about 9 grains of Unique and lube the round ball and press fit into the case. I have shot a fair amount of these in my H&R Buffalo Classic.

Also something that use to be called the "Prison Guard" load was the following. Old timers use to load 40 grains FFFg black powder, a felt wad and three .457 round balls. If you vary the charge a little bit, the top ball is in perfect position to crimp, slightly more than half way into the case. Using unsized but fired brass, and the three balls slide nicely down into the cases. I was told that out to about 75 yards all three balls usually hitting within a few inches of one another. You can also try 10 grains of Unique works about as well but the top ball is below the mouth of the case. A few drops of melted wax will hold them in place if not roughly handled.

I will put up a post on the Buffalo Classic and a few things we do around here.


Bear, I visited the Shiloh Sharps factory just a few hours ago, today, in Big Timber, Montana.  It's a little pioneer town.  The Shiloh people where very "important" in their eyes.  I found out that they did not buy Axtell Sharps, but that the company did indeed close their doors.  Axtell Sharps is no more.

Certainly the Shiloh Sharps rifles are nice shooters, and they are excellent rifles, but my Axtell beats them all in color and appearance.  You can shoot an elephant with one of these big Shiloh Sharps rifles, however and they are accurate. 
Hi Dead I,

That's a nifty Axtell 1877.

Can you contact me, please?


i would dearly love something like this

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