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Build Own Cannon?
Hello All<br><br>Just joined MLAGB. Interested in building and firing 1:20 (or bigger) scale black powder cannons of the Napoleonic style.<br><br>Where can I get plans/drawings and material specifications to build my own? I have a lathe and access to a professional milling machine.<br><br>Any help or advice would be much appreciated.<br><br>I live in Cheshire area<br><br>Mike
I can let you have a set of the engineerig drawings of all guns in the British Service in 1853.  Many of these are unchanged from the Napoleonic period. All dimensions internal and external are shown.<br><br>This set is of the pieces only, not the carriages. I do also have detailed drawings of the carriages from about 1840 but the are not dimensioned to the same detail as the pieces.<br><br>Contact me off list.<br><br>Bill Curtis
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Bill<br><br>Did you get my message? Not sure if I sent it correctly.<br><br>Mike_M
<br>A note of caution:<br><br>I suggest that you check the law and consult with your local Police before beginning work.<br><br>Even a model cannon might be classed as a firearm or shotgun if it is capable of firing a shot and building one without the right permits could land you in very hot water indeed.<br><br>One useful source of advice could be the Sealed Knot, as these guys build and operate their own full-size replica cannon.<br><br>I think that some yaching / boating clubs also keep cannon for signalling purposes and they might be able to advise as to the applicable law.<br><br>Hope this helps,<br><br>James
James<br><br>Thanks for your comments. I have contacted my local constabulary who say I need a Firearms Certificate and an Explosives Certificate!!!!!<br><br>Explosives must be for the black powder.<br><br>Mike<br><br><br><br>
24 inches or more from touch hole to muzzle and up to 2 inches in bore would be a shotgun. Maybe you should change the scale a bit? How about actual size? ;D
Hi  <br>I've wanted to build or fire a model cannon for ages and was in my local gun shop where they have a couple of model ones on display and for sale. On enquirying about them was told they were s1 firearms. How would you explain to the police that you were target shooting with it and also where could you fire it ?. Although the guy in the shop did say that the mlagb was looking at holding comps for them.<br>There are a few American companys that sell complete kit to build various models but I dont suppose you would be able to ship them over here<br><br>Rgds   Andrew
Hi just found this non firing models bit the touch hole can be drilled may be easier to import as a model kit then modify and inform police <br><br><br><br><br>Rgds  Andrew Wink
If you are interested in building your own FULL SCALE cannon, then check out the websites listed below.<br><br>The 'Rule of Thumb' seems to be for field pieces (18th or 19th Century) the cost of the carriage will be slightly higher than the cost of the barrel. IF you are handy with woodworking tools, then you can save some money on the carriage by purchasing a completed axle and a completed set of wheels, then you can build the rest of the carriage yourself.<br><br>Web site for "South Bend Replica Ordnance" is:<br><br><br><br>Website for Paulson Brothers Ordnance:<br><br>
Shame they're on the flip side of the planet :-[<br><br>I'm tracking down some bunch in Germany casting iron cannon around steel tubing and selling them with a UK street legal proof for ball. Will report back.

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