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hi folks. i have aquired an old casting of a cannon, its been stored in my friends garden and forgotten about for about 25yrs, but only has a light rusting which i have wire brushed and emery clothed off, ive made a lovely stand for it that i copied from images off google, it realy takes pride of place now in my living room, had to happen..ive had it drilled (no touch hole yet though) the bore is about 1.5" diam and 25inches deep, the barrel is 6" wide at muzzle and 9" wide at breech end, overall its 30" long, I DO NOT intend to fire any form of ball or shot from this cannon, but just use it as a saluteing /signal cannon for special occasions (new year, nov 5th,) my main concern is, will i have a firearm on my hands, a shotgun, or just an obsolete calibre curiosity piece?
views on this please!
Hello Jarma.   Your cannon will have to be on licence if it is to be made functional, i.e. a touchole drilled.  I see the regulations as requiring such even if it would only be kept for display (a) because you probably do not have proof of when it was caste and/or (b) because the alteration to the bore (drilling it out) was post 1938.   There is no licensing distinction between blanks and ball.   Proof is recommended before first use.   If an accident occurred you would be totally liable, no 'act of God' with no proof.  Clubs should reasonably insist on it.  And it is illegal to sell on an unproofed licensed firearm in the UK.   Also few club ranges are likely to have certification for smoothbores over .75 inch.   
As to other matters you might like to browse the earlier posts in this section.  A lot of useful information there.
I must get one of these sometime!

The bore is under 2" and the barrel measured from the point of ignition is over 24" so it can go onto a shotgun certificate which is not that hard to get. Then you can shoot stuff out of it, although you may exceed club range limits on muzzle energy. OTOH, you should be able to blast the hell out of a privately owned piece of land provided it is safe to do so. ;D

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