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Armstrong 6 pounder field gun.
I am planning to build a full size or as close as possible 6 pounder Armstrong rifled gun. I have been unable to find any detailed drawings with overall dimensions so I can keep it in proportion. I would like to fit the traverse mecanism to this replica allthough the origional 6 pounders were not equiped with this detail. I would like to get some good photos of this mecanism so I can incorporate it in my gun.
I would be most gratfull for any information or help you could give me.

Are you seeking to make the RBL 1859 type or the later RML.?

I have the Royal Gun Factory coloured fully dimensioned of the Ordnance Wrought Iron Breech Loading Gun (Breech Screw) 6 Pr. 3 Cwt Rifled .
Weight 3 Cwts 0 Qrs 15 Lbs Pattern 1
Dated 4/6/64 Length of Gun 50.125"

This plan is for the Piece only and has no paperwork from the Royal Carriage Factory.

Write me a pm.

W. S. (Bill) Curtis
I have a copy of the Royal Carriage Department drawing showing the Carriage & Limber. Also some photos of the traversing mechanism of a 12 pr. email me on adrian(at)
Gun Factory lithographs runs the range from 6 Pdr through all the sizes of the Armstrong up to the 70 Pdr. There are numerous detail plates just on the 12 Pdr.

Any chance of details scans of the your 12 carriage in exchange of mine of the piece.?
Said when you come here in June ?
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Gun Factory lithographs? Could you give me a bit more info as I Googled this and could find no link or information leading to the sale of the items you mentioned. If I get any information which is proving very hard, I will share it with you. I do not know of any museum in the UK which has an Armstrong gun, I have looked but there are no contact details. It has been bad enough trying to get quotes for the supply of thick walled tube and deep hole drilling. What is a simple process in other countries is an uphill stuggle here. I am too old to move now.
Hi Bill, yes more than happy for an exchange, however the plate I have is for the 6pr carriage, not the 12pr. I only have photos of a 12pr carriage.

Hi cocon, Gun Factory lithographs are drawings done by the Royal Gun factory, beginning in about the 1860s, these are not available commercially, however occasionally a collector can be found with an original or a copy. Some artillery museums would have quite a few as well, "Firepower" for example has many & may be worth a call to see if they will reproduce what you need for a fee. The Royal Laboratories produced lithograph plates as well, as did the Royal Carriage Dept. The RL plates are now commercially available on CD for several hundred $ I believe.

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