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6pdr Carronade Maker
Has anyone any idea who this manufacturer of a 6pdr Carronade could be? Thanks.[Image: DSCF6854_zpsopimurzn.jpg]
This seems to be Charles H. Gilkes & Co., London.
C.1830 Tower Hill.
A pair of small brass guns on swivel mountings by them was sold at Sotheby on 12th June 1959 (lot 146)
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Many thanks for that info Bill. I'm currently restoring this little cannon for our Town Council, it's been on our quay for well over a hundred years. We are trying to find out the history of the gun and you've answered one of our questions!
We're not sure exactly where it came from, but it's a good bet it was from one of the Coastguard Hulks that graced the rivers and creeks around here, one of which was Darwins' Beagle.
Just received Thomas Del Mar (Sotheby) new catalogue for Sale on 29th June.
Lot 409 is a superb pair of these six pounder guns on their carriages.
They look almost new in condition.
Del Mar presumably could not find the name of the foundry or they would have mentioned it.
The date they assume is fifty years odd out. (unless someone comes up with more info.)
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Before and after restoration of our towns 6 pdr Carronade.[Image: DSCF6860_zpsawpipwav.jpg][Image: 2_zpstxgl6vyp.jpg]

Well Done !
That will be a splendid addition to the Town but let us all pray that it will never be left out in the weather ever again.
W. S. (Bill) Curtis

A good job of restoration glad to see someone has rescue it tol see another 180years plus .We must not forget we hold these weapons in trust for those that come after
What a great job of restoration, as you say Bill lets hope they keep it under cover..
Bill, please PM me with a phone or land address as all my info on the new project are returned by yahoo post master.
            OLD DOG.
It's still going to live outside, but this time, it will be regularly maintained.

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