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Hello From America
I just joined the forum after enjoying reading a number of threads.  I am from the US and enjoy shooting miniature or small scale muzzle loading blackpowder cannons.  I like cannons from .50 calibre to golfball caliber, but mainly 1 inch bore guns.

I am envious of your club, these do not seem to be popular thing in the US. 

I look forward to dropping into the forum and would love to come over and see a shoot sometime. 

If you are interested and not aware, there is a very active forum in the US for those interested in blackpowder cannons.  The forum encompasses everything from full size cannon to miniature cannon, breech loading and muzzle loading. 

The site is Graybeard's Outdoors,   Once there click on the Forums and scroll down until you reach the section of the forums for blackpowder, "Blackpowder Forums."  Then scroll within that section for "Blackpowder Mortar and Cannon Sponsored by Seacoast Artillery." 


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