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Great New \'Training Target\'
I have a grown Step-Son that makes his living working in the IT department of a local college.<br>In his off time, he is an avid video gamer and has many friends who share that interest.<br><br>From time to time, he will bring a few of his friends over here to the farm and I show them how to properly and safely fire a REAL firearm. <br><br>Seems that these young men have fired thousands opon thousands of 'rounds' in the video games they play, but have never fired a real bullet from a real pistol! Consequently, they are very curious about shooting real firearms rather than virtual firearms.<br><br>Needless to say, in these training sessions, I spend a lot of time stressing SAFETY and the basic fundamentals of marksmanship. Keeping in mind that some of these individuals might decide to become avid shooters of real firearms, I try to make the lesson as informative, interesting and rewarding as possible.<br><br>One innovation I have tried that has been an OUTSTANDING SUCCESS is to quit using paper targets. What I do now is to use 12" x 12" sheetrock (wallboard) 'diamonds' for my 25 yard pistol targets.<br><br>Of course these are made by purchasing a 4' x 8' sheet of sheetrock from the local builidng supply store and then using a razor knife and metal yard stick, cutting that board into 12" x 12" squares. Even with the cost of the sheet of sheetrock, these 12" x 12" squares are still inexpensive targets to use.<br><br>I then drill a small hole in one corner of the sheetrock square and then run a wire thru it to hang it in the target frame. IN THE CENTER OF THIS 'HANGING DIAMOND' TARGET,I THEN ATTACH ONE OF THOSE 'STICK ON' BULLSEYES as an aiming point.<br><br>These targets have been an OVERWHELMING SUCCESS with my trainees. When they hit any part of the target, they are INSTANTLY REWARDED WITH A GRATIFYING 'PUFF' OF WHITE SMOKE FROM THE TARGET. <br><br>When we go down to retrieve their targets, hits within the 'stick on' bullseye can be scored. <br><br>My trainees just love to shoot these diamond sheetrock targets. They have ALL THE ADVANTAGES of traditional paper bullseye targets with the added 'Fun Factor' of a giant puff of white 'smoke' produced by each hit the trainee makes. <br><br><br>My theory is that by making training as fun and interesting as possible I am possibly attracting new shooters to the shooting sports.<br><br>SO TRY THESE SHEETROCK 'DIAMONDS' AS TARGETS-THEY ARE A LOT OF FUN TO SHOOT!<br>
Terminology explanation fpr the above post:<br><br>Keeping in mind that American English and British English often have different names for the same items, "Sheetrock" is also called: "Drywall," "Plasterboard," "Gypsum Board," etc.  Basically the product is a 4' x 8' flat panel of 'plaster' that is coated on both sides by cardboard sheets and widely used in the building trades for the interior walls of houses.
Well done in your efforts.  I fear that you are not resident in Blair's "Land of the Free" otherwise you would be having your collar felt by various agencies of the law for contraventions of the Firearms Acts, Health and Safety Regulations, Child Abuse and last but not least Racism for shooting at a target with a BLACK centre.<br><br>Old Gunner Bill (once a citizen of a free country).
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Dear Mr. Curtis:<br><br>Thanks for your kind reply.<br><br>I live in the state of Georgia. All of my ancestors migrated to America from England and Ireland over two centuries ago.<br><br>From what I understand, some of my ancestors were actually 'encouraged to emigrate' by the local (English and Irish) authorities.<br><br>Sicnerely Yours,<br><br>Southron
Interesting State, I enjoyed my visit there in '97.  I wrote  a dissertation on the Augusta Powder Works of George Washington Rains which provided so much powder for the South.  My ancestor's company Curtis's & Harvey are also documented as having supplied powder to the Western Command of the CSA via Havana.<br><br>The article on the Atlanta Works can be found in GUNPOWDER, EXPLOSIVES AND THE STATE, A TECHNOLOGICAL HISTORY edited by Brenda Buchanan and published (2006) by Ashgate Press for the International Committee for the History of Technology   ISBN 0 7346 5259 9.
W. S. (Bill) Curtis
Well done Southron-Encourage the young they may be politicians one day.
Just as an afterthought re video games and television and the brainwashing power of both.<br>Governments in all of our countries babble on about the reduction of gun crime in our societies and enact iniquitous and useless laws to counteract it<br> Nobody under the age of fifty who has watched television every day could have got through one day of their lives without seeing firearms used in a violent manner to solve personal issues.<br> All youngsters of today who plays vidio games habitually blaze away at human targets,see bullet stikes and blood splatter and think it fun.<br> They are subjected to daily brainwashing in the violent use of firearms and the polititions do nothing.<br>  I say again GOOD ON YOU! Southron<br>
If you have acid soil like ours in the pacific northwest, you could post the targets over the garden and add some needed lime and gypsum at the same time. Wink
While on TV Americans watch make believe Americans blasting away.  In reality no one ever sees a cop or a criminal shoot at someone...ever.

At onetime in my life I lived in an extremely high crime city, Vallejo, California.  The crime rate was as high as any city in the US.  Even living there, when I heard gun fire almost nightly I only saw a gun drawn once, and that by a cop.

Vallejo was unique and deadly.  The cops were crooks and the crooks were cops.  Murder and crime was a sport.  I knew of six people who were murdered and five women who were raped.  I was burglarized six times. This was the worst crime ridden city in the US at one time. Drugs were rampant.  The city was driven bankrupt by crooked cop and fireman's unions.  I carried a gun often.

Now Vallejo was unique and I lived there for over a decade. 

I never saw someone shoot at someone else.  I did hear gunfire, it was almost as common as rainwater on the roof.  But the city was unique.  I have never experienced anything like the crime in Vallejo. It was all due to drugs and the destruction of the black family.   


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