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Plastic Ram Rod
I would like to make a ram rod from some type of plastic or nylon Rod 15/16 mm .Any ideas please.
I don't think that any "solid" plastic has the rigidity needed for a ramrod.
You may try with a section of fibreglass or carbonfiber tube.
Have a look at fibreglass drain cleaing rods. Some sort of conversionshould be possible.
Shoot.....I have several ramrods made of "delrin". They can be bent double without breaking. Since they are more flexible than a normal stiff ramrod, you must use a shorter grip on them when ramming a charge home. I also have ramrods made of "fiberglas". These are very stiff and work very well too. I live in an area where there are hickory trees that grow wild. Hickory is the traditional ramrod material in the U.S. I've got several saplings drying right now waiting to be split into ramrod blanks or made into longbows.   Winters are long in Michigan....need projects to avoid "cabin fever".    cheers   Paul
I obtained a flexible ramrod for a .50 cal M/L rifle about 10 years ago from Tim Hannam here in the UK. It was made by Lyman and had one metal end and was 36 inches long.  I cut it to the appropriate length for my rifle and made a brass button for the cut end. They were then offered in two or three different diameters then but I think only in one diameter now. Priced at about $10us.

East Coast Fibreglass supplies.
Polyester fibreglass Rod.
10MM X 1 meter £3.20 / meter.

ideal for ramrods I bought 6-1Meter lengths.Quick delivery time.
Shootdown1. For shotguns nylon rod is ideal and is sufficiently rigid as long as it is just smaller than the bore. The rod should be fitted with a wooden knob or snooker ball to provide both a comfortable grip in the hand and to push your hand out of the way in the unlikely event of an accidental discharge. A plain rod would be likely to punch a hole through your hand. I've bought nylon rod at Ipswich Plastics and it can be had in a variety of diameters. Most of our Branch members use nylon rod. Regards, Martin.
Thank you all for your helpful advice.
[img][Image: 003-7.jpg][/img]
Fibreglass Range Rod,10mm dia,two 38 special cases and one small Brass Door Knob.
A brass door knob , that is a great idea.

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