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D. Egg powder measure
Hi , I have what I think is an old powder measure made by D.Egg of London . Was wondering if anyone would know its age and if it has any value. Will consider trading for old fishing tackle if it worth doing. Cheers Russ

[Image: DEggmeasure001sized.jpg]

[Image: DEggmeasure002sized.jpg]

[Image: DEggmeasure003sized.jpg]

[Image: DEggmeasure004sized.jpg]
Interested send me a PM.
I have five Durs Egg pistols and would love to add this to my collection.If still available let me know what you want and I will give you a yes or no. Thanks
Hi guys thanks for the replies. I've been in contact with David Williams at Bonhams auction house. He said the measure was about two hundred years old and unusual in that it was inscribed . He asked if I'd put it in his April auction of Arms and Armour, so I've sent it off to him.

That's a shame.  I would have given you twice whatever you got from him.  I'm sure he took a healthy cut off the profit for himself.  What, in the end, did you end up with if I may ask?
If my memory serves me correct I believe the Egg powder and shot measure sold at Bonhams April auction London Knightsbridge for £540 sterling
Oooops! Didn't think it would fetch quite that much!
Russ, is this the same Russ that purchased my Pedersoli side by side at Christmas ? I was wondering how you are getting on with it, I'm afraid I didn't keep your phone number.

Tony, Cleethorpes.

If I am not mistaken  the Russ that began this thread lived in the States.

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