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Pistol Comp\'s 2017
Message for the COM.  I notice that there are a number of pistol competition entry forms not available for download on the web-site?  Will these be made available prior to the day or are they going to be 'enter on the day' competitions?
Hi John, Some of the details for some pistol competitions are being finalised and once this is completed they will be uploaded to the website. Mike.
Quote:Hi John, Some of the details for some pistol competitions are being finalised and once this is completed they will be uploaded to the website. Mike.

Thank you Mike, much appreciated.
Don't forget that there are OTHER competitions run by OTHER organisations!

April 8th & 9th Army Target Shooting Club at Bisley -- alongside their Gallery Rifle, Long barrelleld Pistol and other matches THIS year they have added courses for "Repeating pistols" --  a system recently approved by the CoM for a wider range of Revolvers, 1- and 2handed shooting, BP-substitutes and 5 "new" Courses of Fire.   This would be ideal as a practice for the..

SOUTH LONDON RIFLE CLUB Bisley Open Meeting on 22/23 April at Bisley ---  with a free entry Club Team Match as well -- - and then...

" -- again at Bisley

Contact me for details****, or download info & forms from the MLA Website (includng the Surrey Branch site) and also from the NRA Webiste (in the Diary)

**** jim (at) jimhallam (dot) eu.
SOUTH LONDON R.C. "OPEN MEETING FOR REPEATING PISTOLS" during the "Middle Weekend" of the NRA Imperial Meeting - 15/16 July ---  Melville Range, Bay "E".

Early entry discount (£2 each course of fire + £2 off Registration if MLA or NRA or SLRC Member ) ends 25th June (fill in an entry at the AGM!) Wink

SLOWFIRE, TIMEDFIRE, RAPIDFIRE, "BOBBER" (Duelling) and "SURRENDEN" (against the clock)

STANDARD PERCUSSION REVOLVER (19th C design) -- Offhand and Supported
PERCUSSION TARGET REVOLVER (allows "improvements" & Rugers) --  offhand ONLY
FREE PERCUSSION REVOLVER (basically anything except laser sights!)

and then

MODERN MUZZLE-LOADERS - "Patriots", "Westlakes", Smokeless conversions... Offhand and Supported

Details downloadable from Surrey Branch website ---  one new aspect -- - "Percussion Target Pistol" (offhand ) now includes additional awards for FIXED SIGHTED revolvers.
Don't forget the Surrey Branch Open Meeting for "Repeating Pistols" on Sunday September 10th
Early Entry discount £2 per match (plus reduced Registration for MLAGB members) by 5th September.
THEN you could stay on at Bisley for the Police Open on the Tuesday to Thursday.

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