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See my posting under "PISTOLS" for information on the 4 new meetings designed for everything from an "El Cheapo" Colt Navy replica to  Feinwerkbau, Rugers and smokeless conversions ---even Patriots!
Two-handed hold as well as Offhand  (SHOCK, HORROR Smile) and all SORTS of courses of fire.

(I love the way I am listed as "New Member" ... I joined the MLA in 1963 or 4!)
The EARLY ENTRY DISCOUNT for the South London RC's Meeting closes on 15th June -- I will accept entries as "early" if they arrive at the SLRC Clubhouse by the 28th.

There is a thread about the cancellation of the May MLAGB Meeting under "Pistols", explaining WHY it was cancelled.

Hopefully the MLAGB Council might consider making the Surrey Branch Open Meeting on 10th September as official"?
As of 30th June there were 120 match entries. As we only have a ten point range and each half-day has 5 squadded details we are more than half full.
Are the results going to be posted somewhere?
(20-07-2017, 05:17 PM)AlanJR Wrote: Are the results going to be posted somewhere?

I have just completed them (Wed 20/07017) and printed out all of the Certificates. My problem is WHERE (and how?) to post them online -- - as the South London Rifle Club website is having problems.   The results WILL be posted on the Surrey Branch MLAGB website***, as the next RP Meeting (10th September) will be run BY them.
Incidentally, our entries for the 2 days were over three times the entries for the NRA "MLP" courses for the 5 days of the Imperial Meeting "Unlimiteds".


Come and shoot!  
Everything from originals & repros to"Modern MLs" (smokeless conversions & "Westlakes"): 
Slow-, Timed- & Rapid;  Bobber (turning target) and "Surrenden" (against the clock);
One and two-handed shooting.
Next Repeating Pistol Open is the Surrey Branch on Sunday 10th September.
Early Entry discount by 5th September = £5 per match and reduced registration fee if MLAGB member (£6 including 1 match )

The following Tuesday to Thursday is the Police Sport UK open .... ML, Gallery rifle, Smallbore & Fillmore rifle, Air .... etc.
Makes it worth the travel to Bisley. .... the NRA Museum should also be open on the Tuesday.

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